1. Tibia Bot NG 7.8 CRACKED !!! 39

Link: http://rapidshare.de/files/21020312/setup-4.0.5.zip.html He is cracked by my dad he is a progammer.... and you wont pay for it. Features Aim runes at players from battle window. Attack combo, multiple players shooting runes or arrows at a single player at the same time. Automatic fast hands. Automatic fishing with fish stacking. Automatic healing with spells or runes. Automatic logout with buddylist when Player/GM detected or moved. Automatic mana drinker. Automatic script based responder. Battle and healing hotkeys. Customizable light intensity. Display player guild, vocation, level and max/current hp underneath name. Full light all the time with one button. Macro recorder for custom actions. Multi-level cavebot with customizable looting. Goes up and down rope holes, ladders and stairs! Play sound alert when damaged, full mana, Player/GM on screen, messaged or moved Reduce CPU usage to zero while game is minimized. Relogin after server save Rune maker and mana trainer. Multiple options when out of runes, alert, logoff or train See through floors, walls and ceilings # Trade channel helper.

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