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Traduzir frases do inglês para o português

De higor em 24/02/2009 17:59:42 a partir de
Welcome to Imperia Online - Web-Based Massively Multiplayer Online Medieval Real-Time War Simulation!
We will take you to a world that exists right before the age of gunpowder. This is the world of the sharp blade, the long bow and the war horse. A time of political intrigues, huge medieval field battles, Fortress sieges with catapults and trebuchets, heavy knights wiping entire armies, striking in flank, pillages upon the civil population, thousands of soldiers dying in one battle. A time of legendary war lords, crushing rich and economically advanced kingdoms. A time of powerful alliances, fighting each other for total domination. You play against real people – others like you! Welcome to a medieval world way beyond your wildest dreams!
Let us show you how to play Imperia Online - In Short!
Where are you?
- You are located on a huge continent that has room for more than 40,000 Empires.
- Every Empire has a total of 25 available provinces, waiting to be colonized.
- No player can control foreign lands.
- Buildings and research cannot be destroyed or taken away.
What do you have in the beginning?
All players start with 1 colonized province with a village in it.
It can be explored from the village by pointing each building
Raises the limit of your population.
- Population produces all resources and gold in the game.
- More people - more resources.
Lumber mill
- Turns the raw wood from the forest into a building material.
- The more people are hired in it - the more wood will be produced.
Iron mine
- Needed for weapons and armor.
- Difficult extraction requires more workers to be hired.
Stone quarry
- Hired workers here produce stone.
- Base material for building Fortresses.
Transport station
- Transporting resources between provinces.
- Army recruiting center.
The main building in the province.
- The attacker needs to bring its walls down to get your resources.
- Archers can be garrisoned in, which inflict a lot more damage to attacking armies than usual.
- Each level of the Fortress grants 10% resource production bonus.
- When destroyed, it can be repaired for 1/3 its price in stone.
- All the technologies, waiting to be researched, are located here.
- Money can be borrowed from here.
- Each level adds 1% interest on the gold, stashed in the capital.
All the trading is conducted here
- To buy something it has to be offered by another player.
- For posting offer a fixed 10% commission is taken
- Base commission is 20% but it can be reduced by researching Trade with 2% per level, after level 1.
- The maximum level of Trade which can be researched is 11.
- The offer lasts for 48 hours and it will show up on the market between 10 and 60 minutes after posting it.
- The top 5 offers for each resource are always shown in the 'Buy' menu.
- After it expires, the offer is returned to the owner in the province it has been posted.
- You can play gamble here and try your luck (and your gold) against the innkeeper.

First steps
- Keep your population increasing, by building farms.
- Build at least 5-6 levels of lumber mills.
- Hire all your workers to produce wood.
- Build at least 4-5 levels of Granaries.
- After building your 4th level farm, start level 1 Fortress.
- Fortress 1 leads to University 1 and then - Architecture 1.
- Research Trade.
- Remember: University decreases the price of all researches, Architecture - of all buildings.
What then?
- Developing the economy will help you support armies when needed.
- Colonizing new province is a priority.
- Colonizing new province requires Centralization 1 and 500 archers or spearman, which will be new province's first settlers.
Do you want to know more?>> Interface

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