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De Ana Carolina ( em 24/08/2003 14:28:57 a partir de
Every month, high above the clouds, a select group meets to talk about the magic old times .This group is called the AFG, the association of Fairy Godmothers.
Cinderella’s godmother, a pretty fairy called Seraphina ,always comes .She is very famous and all the other fairies admire her ,but Seraphina looks sad and bored today.
“ After the story of dear poor Cinderella, ”Seraphina says,” all I do is go to social meetings and parties. I’m tired of that. I want to help people again.”
“But, Phina dear, times are different now,” says Angelica, the Fairy Superior.” Modern people don’t believe in fairies.” “Maybe , I want to try. I ask your permission to go down to Earth.”
“All right, if that’s what you want...”
Nobody sees Seraphina as she flies over big modern city. The fairy soon realizes that things are very different now. Lots of cars , lots of noise , people wearing strange clothes ...But Seraphina knows that human nature never changes . She can see some unhappy faces . Maybe she can help those people . Through the window of a building , Seraphina sees one of those unhappy faces . A teenage girl is saying something in a very sad voice .
Poor girl! She looks so much like Cinderella ! Seraphina’s soft heart can’t resist , and she decides to help her . The fairy flies through the open window and talks to the girl . “Hello . I’m your fairy godmother .” “Sure ! And I’m Cinderella....” “Trust me! I know you have a problem . It’s your stepmother . she doesn’t want you to go to the ball , does she ?”
“ I don’t have a stepmother . It’s my sister . She’s always borrowing my things ,so now I have nothing to wear , and I can’t go to the School Ball . And I have to go ! It’s my last chance to meet Freckles before the next term!” “Freckles? Who’s Freckles ?” “The boy I like .” “Oh , I see . Your Prince Charming .” “Prince what??”
“Prince Charming . The man of your dreams , just like in Cinderella’s fairy tale . By the way , what’s your name , dear ?” “Barbarella . But everybody calls me Barbie .” “Well ,Barbie , you’re in luck .I’m here to help you .Watch this.” The fairy waves her magic wand and changes the girl’s clothes . Barbarella is now wearing a beautiful blue dress and na elegant pair of crystal shoes . “You’re so pretty!” says the fairy , with a sigh . “Princess Barbarella , you can go to the ball now .”
“Are you crazy ?” the girl asks . “I can’t go like this . I look ridiculous!” “You mean those clothes are old-fashioned?” “Old –fashioned? They’re prehistoric! If you really want to help me , give me a new pair of jeans , a T-shirt and a leather jacket . And a pair of sneakers .” Seraphina finds it all very strange , but she wants Barbie to be happy . So she gives the girl the clothes she wants . And now modern Cinderella is ready for the School Ball .
Before Barbarella leaves , her fairy godmother tells her something very important . “Remember dear , you have to be home before midnight . At exactly midnight : , the magic ends .” “Oh ,no ! That’s when the real fun begins . I never come back before two or three in the morning . Please !” “Oh , well ... all right . Have it your way .” “Thanks .”
“Well, at least one thing never changes,” the fairy thinks . “Love is still the same as in the old times .” After a moment , she has na idea . She decides to become invisible and visit the School Ball, to see how Barbarella is doing . But when she gets to the school , what a surprise !
Do they call that a ball ? Strong lights and smoke , people jumping and shaking to the sound of loud , wild music ... Boys and girls wearing the same kind of clothes , sometimes making it difficult to tell one from the other ...And then Seraphina finds Barbie with her “prince”. Is that the man of her dreams?...
The fairy goes back to Barbarella’s door and waits patiently until the end of the ball . At 3 a. m. the girl finally appears , with some friedns . “Happy ?” the fairy asks Barbarellla. “Oh , yes , very,” says the girl . “Thanks to you .” “And the prince...I mean , Freckles , is going to marry you, and you are going to live happily forever after...” “What?! Freckles and me ...getting married??” Barbarella looks at the other girl and they all start launching. “Of course not !” the girl says . “Now that I know him better , I can see he’sjust a fool.”
“Oh !” says Seraphina ,with a sad expression .“What’s wrong? You look disappointed ...” “Oh , no. It’s nothing . I have to go. Goodbye.” “Well, thanks again ! Bye !” “Hey ,Barbie ,” whispers one of the girls , “is that the crazy woman who believes she’s a fairy ?” “Well ,” says Barbarella, as Seraphina walks away, “she certainly can do on or two tricks...”
As she flies back home , Seraphina remembers the worlds of Angelica , her Fairy Superior . Angelica is right . Modern people don’t believe in fairies . They are more independent now , and they have no need of fairy godmothers .That’s too bad . But then Seraphina has another idea.
For a different world, a different method. She is now Madame Seraphina, specializing in esoteric matters, a profession with a future. In her tent, in the middle of a park, she helps people with her words and her magic. Some people don’t believe in fairies. Do you?


Traduzem isso por favor ( - 25/08/2003 10:15:38)
statu quo core business...(ver)
Traduzem isso por favor (Julyano Tyeppo Campos - 01/09/2003 23:09:38)
- Hey,Mike,areyouupset . - A few minutes later,the fly landed on one of this plants leaves ....(ver)
Traduzem isso por favor (CLAUDIANA DE MATOS OLIVEIRA - 24/09/2003 14:25:05)
Esta é Maria e estes são seus amigos. Eles estudam naquele colégio. Este é Kim, aquele é John e essa é Jiule. Aquela que está descendo a escada é Paula. Essa turma é muito alegre e estudiosa. É uma turma nota dez....(ver)

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