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Traduzir um texto de ingles para portugues

De em 12/02/2008 10:32:23 a partir de,
Hello Jorge, already I write the sixth letter to you as imperceptiblypasses time behind correspondence, it becomes easier to me to write toyou. I am fond more and more and I understand, that such kind ofacquaintance very much even fine, that the Internet enables tocommunicate for such huge distances. If there was no Internet probablywe even never would learn about existence each other. And now onelonely heart has found for itself such fine person, it you Jorge!!! Iwant you to ask to send me more than your photos. I try to do it ineach letter, and I want, that you too sent me the photos. That that Ihave undersigned about my sympathies to you.... Now I sit in theInternet of cafe, beside the girl sits and too writes the letter tothe man, I have got into conversation with it about, whether for along time she corresponds, she has told, that has already passed thesecond month, as she familiar with the man and that she cannot solvehow to admit to it love. She is afraid to make it as speaks, that willnot sustain refusal. I have told, that I do not know that to it and toprompt, as I not skilled in this business but only I correspond withyou six letters. She has smiled to me and has told, that at me allahead.... How you count Jorge, at us all ahead? I very much would liketo learn your opinion. Today at me it is necessary very heavy day, Iwill need to lead employment at three groups instead of as it is usualat two. Jorge, I shall write the small letter so I will need to hastenfor work. I shall try to answer your questions. I understand all thatyou write. My answers not such full, but I wait from you the answer tomy question concerning that girl. You trust in our future???? Now Ishall run for work, I wait the answer. Ekaterina

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Traduzir um texto de ingles para portugues (Thatiana - 24/08/2005 21:14:20)
quero traduzir um texto de ingles para o portugues, oq eh preciso fazer ?...(ver)


Traduzir um texto de ingles para portugues (yule - 08/09/2008 11:43:19)
coool hah ?...(ver)

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