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Quero traduzir o texto do ingles para o portugues

De MARCO ANTONIO em 27/07/2007 16:46:34 a partir de
Ardent greetings Marcu!!!
Yes, it is very fine that you have answered my letter so quickly, I very much
waited for your answer and, I admit, when wrote to you the letter, I doubted a
little and did not hope that you receive my modest message and will be capable
to read through it!
And now I see your letter and I understand that all my doubts were vain!
I speak English, French and very badly Spanish language!!! We can speak with you
in these languages!!!
Unfortunately I have no msn or yahoo!!! But we can communicate letters and I to
it am very happy!!!
You know, when I considered yours profile, inside of me something has lighted up
also I has felt insuperable desire to write to you, I have felt in you something
close and native.
You ever felt something similar when see the person for the first time in a life
but it seems to you that you know it very much for a long time.
Yes, certainly I did not meet you never and could not meet, or only if you
travelled on the world and have casually called in in my small small town.
Though hardly you could be in here, in Samara, where I have lived a quarter of a
century in city.
Yes, In this letter I send you I wash a photo, I think that you will not
disregard it, in the following letter I shall try to send even more photos.
Certainly the photo speaks much about the person, but I shall try to decipher it
a little.
I as you see the blonde, I precisely do not remember my growth, but I am assured
that within the limits of these numbers - 173 centimeter, my weight-too 54
within the limits of norm.
To me very much it is a lot of years to play dolls, and it is quite enough
seriously to reflect on my future both small, and the most most beautiful
children whom I till this moment have no.
Here, it is my brief self-portrait, such I am, or, at least I feel!
In the following letter I shall try to tell about myself more, but you too write
more about you!
Than you be engaged, where work also what hobbies for you?
I have a close girlfriend? I lonely, am more exact my heart grieves and cries
without love, and I as the true slave to the soul I hope to meet the man,
capable to fill emptiness in my heart and to show me the forgotten way of love
and passion!
I have no the brother the sister.
I, probably as well as you meet sometimes the people, capable to accelerate a
rhythm of heart, but I do not want past flying happiness - I wish to love always
and to be favourite always!
I do not search only for sex, as the some people, though sex and is the
important and integral part personal (family if to be more exact) than a life!
With you
I wish to be happy, I wish to love, I want that me loved are the most important.
And other all to be added, as by itself reasonable!
I wait for your letter.... With a photo!!!


oiii por favor manda a tradução do texto look at the putures para min ...té + xauu...(ver)
pao caseiro 2envelope de fermento 3ovos 1k farinha de trigo 1xícara de açúcar 2colheres cheias de margarina 1 colher de sal meio copo de água morna ingredientes na bacia ,vai o fermento,a água morna,sal,açúcar,a margarina, ovos e agora a farinha que vai aos poucos e no final amasse bem a massa ficar...(ver)
Quero traduzir o texto do ingles para o portugues (amanda - 28/10/2009 17:25:22)
A letter dear ann how are you?I hope who you are well. My first name is Frank and my last name is stein. I am from leverpoool (the aty of the...(ver)

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