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Kero traduzir textos do ingles para o portugues

De thiago batista ( em 31/05/2007 11:48:34 a partir de
Dear ,

Greetings to you,Please permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you,which will be of a mutual benefits between both of us.I am Mrs.Betica karefa,the widow of Late General John Karefa,the former Director of military inteligence and special acting General Manager of the Sierra-Leone Diamond mining co-operation(SLDMC).

I am contacting you to seek your good assistance to transfer and invest the sum of US$18.5 million (Eighten Million Five hundred thousand United States Dollars) belonging to my late Husband which is deposited in a fixe suspence account in a bank here in Abidjan,the capital city of Ivory Coast in West Africa.

This money was revenues from solid minerals and diamonds sales which were under my husband's possession before the civil war broke out.Following the break out of the war,almost all government offices,co-operations and parastatals were attacked and vandalized.The SLDMC was looted and burnt down to ashes,and diamonds worth millions of dollars was stolen by the
rebels millitary forces who attacked my husband office.
Many top government officials and senior army officers were assasinated and my husband was a key target because of his very sensitive military possition and appointment in the SLDMC.
Regretably,my husband was abducted and got his two hands amputated by the brutal R.U.F rebels(Revolutionary United Front)during their mid-night shoot-out in our official residence in freetown,our capital city.

Before the death of my husband in the hospital,he told me that should incase he did not survived that he deposited some money which he made from diamond sales and contracts in a bank here in Ivory Coast and that we should pray and find a trust worthy foreign business partner who would help us to transfer and invest this money in profitable business venture overseas.

He told me to do this quickly so that I can leave Ivory Coast with my only son who is here with me in the refugee camp and then settle down abroad.He told me where the bank document to prove the deposit is kept in our house.

I have gone to the bank to make inquiries about this money and I spoke with the Manager of the International remittance who assured me that everything is intact and promised to help me transfer this money to my foreign partners bank account as soon as I provide my partners foreign bank account for them.

However,the manager is very concerned because of our situation here.If you are willing to assist me,please let me know immediately you received this mail so that you will arrange the transfer of the money to your account with the bank.Please note that I can offer you 15% of the total sum after the money has been transfered into your account.

I am interested in any profitable commercial venture which you consider very good in your country.Please for security reason,I humbly beg you to keep this transaction very

Please there is urgent need for the money to be transferred to your account because of the political crisis here in Cote d'Ivoire now.I am hoping to hear your urgent response soonest for more clearification.

Mrs.Betica karefa.

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Kero traduzir textos do ingles para o portugues (Wilma - 22/11/2005 10:27:09)
Por favor vc pode me ajudar? Desde já agradeço. Muito obrigada! ...(ver)

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