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Kero traduzir textos do inglÊs para o português

De em 16/05/2007 20:55:52 a partir de
COMMAS function in four ways:
1. as introducers,
2. as coordinators in compound sentences,
3. as inserters, and
4. as linkers

Let’s start by analyzing how commas relate to the main ( or independent) clauses of a sentence. Notice below how the additional words, phrases, or clauses modify the main clause.
_________ MAIN CLAUSE___________________
Recently, the legislature banned smoking in public places.
Main Clause
Many people opposed the new law,
(Coordinating conjunction)
Main Clause
It finally passed.
Our thanks to Anne Katz Associates, Oakland, California for permission to adapt her presentation of comma rules.
Main Clause
Smallpox once a widespread disease is under control.
1. Main CLAUSE
The word color is spelled colour in British English, for example.
Cecile speaks English, French, Spanish, and Italian
A comma is used after introductory words, phases and clauses.
However , the new law was largely ignored by the public.
As a result, an even stricter law was proposed.
After a long vacation, he returned to work.
Having studied very hard, she passed the exam easily.
Because he had missed so many classes, he had to drop the course.
An old man, my grandfather can barely walk.
A comma is used between two independent clauses joined by the FAN BOYS coordinating conjunctions for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so to form compound sentences.
Your decision is important, for our future plans depend on it.
AND: The exam was quite easy, and most students passed.
He didn’t come to class during the last three weeks, nor did he take the final exam.
The exam was quite easy, but most students failed.
Will you write your thesis this semester, or will you wait until next
The experiment was considered successful, yet the results were disap-pointing.
He didn’t study, so he didn’t pass the course.
NOTE: Nor is a troublemaker. It is a negative word, and is signals inverted word order. The verb must come before the subject. Also, do not confuse compound sentences with simple sentences that have two verbs. A compound sentence has two subjects and two verbs:
She asked the question, and she answered it in the same breath. / comma necessary/
A simple sentence can also have two verbs, but it has only one subject:
She asked the questions in the same breath in comma.
A comma is used before and after words, phrases and clauses that are inserted into the middle of a main clause.
The new law, however, was largely ignored by the public.
The students, on the other hand, felt that the test was unfair.
The computer, for example, has positive and negative uses.
My grandfather, an old man, can barely walk.
Dr. Danielson, a professor in the English Department, has written several books.
Dr. William Potter, a professor at Boston University, suggested in his article, “The Effects of Marijuana on Motor Responses”, that pot-smokers reactions are slower.
Income taxes, which all people who receive an income must pay;
are due on April 15 every year.
My husband, who used to smoke three packs of cigarettes a day, has stopped smoking.
A comma is used (a) when adding words and phrases at the end for a sentence and (B) when linking items in a series.
The new law was largely ignored by the public, however. I do, too.
Cholera, smallpox, yellow fever, and diphtheria are some of the diseases that have been conquered in this century.
A nurse has to be willing to work at night, on weekends, and on holidays.
We ran into the airport, checked our luggage raced to the boarding area, gave the attendant our tickets, and collapsed in our seats.

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Kero traduzir textos do ingles para o portugues (Wilma - 22/11/2005 10:27:09)
Por favor vc pode me ajudar? Desde já agradeço. Muito obrigada! ...(ver)

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