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Kero traduzir textos do ingles para o portugues

De valdecy em 19/03/2007 20:23:38 a partir de,
Hello dear friend!!!
I am very glad to your letter. How are you? How your mood?
I am glad, that you have written to me. I shall be happy, if you will
answer me as soon as possible my letter with the story about yourself
and send necessarily me the photo! Because I wish to see your sight,
your eyes. Eyes of the person can tell about the person much. You
agree with me??? I shall try to tell as much as possible about
myself. I the usual Russian girl who searches for the love.
Unfortunately I could not find the happiness here in Russia. Therefore
I have decided to search for second half through the Internet! And
what you search??? To me 26 years, mine put a birth was on
January, 24th. My name Olga, i when was not for the husband
and I have no children. I think, that people need to be judged on
spiritual development instead of as the person looks. You agree with
me??? I was born 1981, in city Cheboksary. Now I also live here.
It is beautiful and industrial city. In it build beautiful buildings
much and it is already constructed, in it many ancient buildings also
were kept. In it are combined both modern style, and old. It is usual
Russian city, it is capital of republic Chuvashiya. The population of
my city about 730 000 people. I very much like to walk in my opinion
to city, especially on night, its beauty cannot be described. Tell
to me a little about the city? I very much love Russian kitchen.
My hobby is preparation of Russian food. What hobby at you? I
think, that it is better than Russian food there is nothing better,
but there can be I am mistaken!? I never smoke. I do not drink spirits
but if I drink only red wine, but it happens only on holidays. I very
strongly like to eat ice-cream when I was small I very much liked to
eat sweets. I very optimistical person. All difficulties of a life I
transfer easy and courageously. What not its life it would be
necessary to live and enjoy, its each minute. And you what
person? I hate avidity, lie, hypocrisy!!! I hate when people deceive,
I do not wish to communicate with these people. Excuse me if I
shall make many mistakes. I know English, but I do not know at what
level my English, but I think, that you will specify to me my
mistakes. I studied it at school and university, I had very good
teachers!!! Also I shall know in due course very well English
language. Set to me as much as possible questions. I shall be glad to
answer them. Do not forget to send me the photo! I not so have a photo
in a computer much, therefore I at once warn I shall send you not so much.
Your new friend from Russia Olga.

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Kero traduzir textos do ingles para o portugues (Wilma - 22/11/2005 10:27:09)
Por favor vc pode me ajudar? Desde já agradeço. Muito obrigada! ...(ver)

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