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Traduzir um texto de ingles para portugues

De Mabel em 14/08/2006 08:52:51 a partir de
English Test
1 Phoning for na application form
Before calling, make a listo f any questiona you want to ask. Also, keep a pen and notepad beside the phone to write down details.
2 Filling in na application form
It´s useful to do this on another piece of papaer firts . That way you can change and improve your answers before filling in the form itself. Also, keep a recordo f your final answers. It’ll save you time if you need to complete other forms in the future.
3 Writing a letter of application
Theree tips here: (a) Write or type as clearly as possible. (b) Keep the letter brief and factual. (c) Print your name underneath your signature , lite this.
John Carter
Jonhn Carter
4 C.V.s
A curriculum vitae (or c.v. for short0 is a listo f your qualifications, work experience and interests. Again it should be easy to read, factual and brief (usually just one sheet of paper) . It’s also a good idea to use underlining and bold to make certain words and headings stant out. If you’ve got a word processor, change the order of your. C.v. to suit the particular job you’re applying for.
5 Before na interview
It’s important to be well-prepared for na interview. First, findo ut as much as possible about the company or organisation in advance. You can get this information from (a) your local library , (b) your local Careers Advice Office. Secondly , write a listo f questions wchich you want to ask at the interview.
6 Clothes
How you look at a job interview creates a strong improssion. Wear clothes which are smart and comfortable, but not too formal.
7 The Interview
Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before an interview. Also make sure you leave plenty of time to get there. During the interview itself be as calm, clear, friendly and positive as possible.
8 After na interview
Make notes about what happened . If you go to other interviews in the future these notes noters could be extremely useful.
9 If you’re offered the job
Don’t accept too quickly. Is this the right job for you? What do you think about the... ● money ● prospects ● conditions ● hours ● people you’d be working with?
10 The contract
If you decide to take the job, you’ll probably be given a contract . Read it carefully. Are there any questions you want to ask? Remember, it’s easier to make changes before than after .

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