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Traduzir um texto de ingles para portugues

De nati em 14/09/2005 00:45:55 a partir de
To Greenwich Village, which is a section of New York City, many people came Who interested in art. They liked the bohemian life of the village, and they enjoyed living among so many artists. The buildings and apartments were often very old and dirty,but this only added to the interest of the place.At the top of an old three-story brick house Sue and Johnsy other their studio.One of them was from the state of Maine, the other from california.They had met in the restaurant of an Eighth Street hotel.Both were artists who had recently come to New York to make their living.That was in May,In november,a cold,unseen stranger,whom the doctors called pneumonia,visited the city,touching one here and one there with his icy finger.He touched Johnsy and she lay,scarcely moving,on her painted iron bed,looking through the small window at the blank wall of the opposite building.One morning the busy doctor invited Sue into the hall.She has about one chance in ten to live,he said as he shook down the mercury in his clinical thermometer.And that one chance depends upon her desire to get better.But your little friend has made up her mind that she is going to die.Is she worryng about something?She wanted to paint a picture of the Bay of Naples some day,said Sue.No,something more important-a man perhaps?No.Well,perhaps it is a result of her fever and her general physical weakness.But when a patient begins to feel sure that she is going to die, then I subtract fifty per cent from the power of medicines.If you can succeed in making her interested in something,in asking,for instance,about the latest styles in womens clothes,then I can promisse you a one-to-five chance for her instead of one-to-ten.After the doctor had gone..... sadness,whistling

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Traduzir um texto de ingles para portugues (rafael - 30/08/2005 14:44:59)

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