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Traduçao inglês português

De Luana em 04/08/2005 13:11:07 a partir de
dear juana,
we arrived in são paula last thursday.São Paulo is a huge city 300 kilometers far fron my town the traffic here is incredible
we went to the Planetarium on Friday, to the zoo Safari on Saturday and to yesterday.
The planetarium is a big place in the shape of a dome. We entered, sat down and after the lights wentout we saw star, the solar system and the milky way.It was fantastic!
the animals don't live in cages.You can drive near them )with the windows closed, of (course. A small monkey rode on our car for 10 minutes!
butantan was the place i liked most. It is a snake farm. They have more than 1.000 snake there and many soecies of spider en scorpions. I learned about the producion of serum and vaccies (against tuberculosis hydrophobia, diphtheria, etc.)
Tomorrow is tuesday and my father is going to take me to a rock concert, and then we are going to eat piza.
PS:Maybe when you come to Brazil we con go to São Paulo together


Traduçao inglês português (Mozart Dias da Paz - 09/08/2005 04:42:56)
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Traduçao inglês português (everton - 15/08/2005 18:39:43)
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Traduçao inglês para português (ernesto - 16/08/2005 14:13:32)
Traduçao inglês português ( - 21/08/2005 11:04:30)
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Traduçao inglês português (Nair - 22/08/2005 20:40:23)
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