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Glad To Be here

De Vodsroove em 18/07/2011 17:42:32 a partir de
Hello:) I´m writing my 1rst topic on the forum, Spectacular forum by the way!
I signed up a few minutes ago on this forum, and I´m doing my 1rst post to to give myself to know to all of you, I signed up here because I wanted to discuss the general ideas I found here, on theses days with such a large amount of boards online, is very hard to find good communities as this.
Regarding my person my friends call me Suzan, I was born on Normandie but at the moment I´m taking a semester on a different place this year on Physics to get my PHD. My hobbies may be boring but I will tell them off course I adore football as well as tv shows, and I also play a lot Him on my roadtrips, I´m single at the moment so male users....just kidding :)! I already tried online dating it didn´t work out very well....
But if you want to learn more just cheack my profile, I forgot to say that I do not like at all social networks like twitter, cause people should talk to each other face to face and not only by keyboard, but is not that what I´m doing right now?Lol just don´t read my nonsense.....
Last weekend I loved an page on
Poker Bónus that I found very interesting So I contacted to the web developer on that page to let me make sub domains there and that is what I´m making now, and that was part of the reason I came up on this work for ideas!:)
I will also apoligize by my language it was the only way I get to talk with you guys....
And for today is all I have say, cause have a job of shifts so I have to take a nap a few hours and I have also the college proofs to study ..............Just hope you liked my 1rst topic.
Xo Xo to you all, Goodbye

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