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24/10/2006 19:59
De: Celeby Ragnarok Online Team

Celeby Private Server

I would like to say welcome to all players of CelebRO, and I would like to say somethings that are very important if you want to enjoy the game.
Do not KS
Do not Spam
Do not Scam
Do not use any bug to get itens or zeny.
Do not use skills in Prontera, Izlude, Payon or any city.
Enjoy the game and play fair.
We also want to say that we have donation system, a easy way to be strong, get special itens and enjoy much more the server. With those itens you will have special stats and stuff. You can also look cooler and show everybody in the server you are diferent. We are trying to make an aura system too.
Don't forget vote each 12 hours for us. But, 1 vote a day is Ok! =D
If you need any help, go to the Foruns or Try contact a GM at game Have Fun!
Good Luck
GM Team
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