Auxiliar a todos que estejam enfrentando dificuldades com tradução/versão de textos inglês/protuguês

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30/06/2008 12:12
De: felipe

Re: Re: Palavras em português para passar para o inglês

eu me vejo formado, com um trabalho que eu sempre sonhei,ser um jogador de futebol e ganhar bastante dinheiro.Eu me vejo casado com linda mulher e um filinho, numa casa maravilhosa, e viajando para lugares fantasticos, sempre que posso , e tambem viajar com meus amigos do trabalho,me vejo muito feliz ao lado de quem eu gosto.
28/09/2009 22:31
De: amanda danieli

Re: Re: Re: Dialogo portugues/ingles

sabrina: oi amiga.
Kezia: fala louca.
sabrina: Nem de conto foi  pra praia de Bommbinhas...
          Tava muito louco
Kezia: Sério, e ai como foi.
Kezia: Mas vc  foi cm quem?
Sabrina:Com meu pai, neh Key, aproveitei tudo que tinha por lá.
Sabrina: E vc o que andou aprondando nessas ferias?
Kezia: Hum... Foi bater  meu cartão no Bali Hai.
        Tava muito bom.
Sabrina: E ai muitos rolos?
Kezia: Ah, s curtindo.
Kezia: Mas o que vc me conta de novidades!
Sabrina: Nem sabe a Very casou.
Kezia: Também ja tava na hora.
Sabrina: Com certeza ja tavam juntos a seis anos.
Kezia: E a gente so na pegação.
Kezia:Vamo entra que o sinal ja bateu.
11/11/2008 20:21
De: lu

Re: Re: Re: Re: Traduzir texto de ingles p portugues

Interactive Torque
Interactive torque around other joints is dependent on movement, i.e. movement in a focal joint. Bernstein proposed that the motor control system incorporated interactive torque in its motor repertoire, instead of opposing this. Schneider et al. trained neurologically normal (NN) subjects in a reversion task involving the shoulder and elbow joints in the sagittal plane. For this task, the subjects had to move from a starting position to a target and immediately return to the starting position. Both in the upward and downward movements, the subjects circled a barrier. The total joint torque (muscle torque plus interactive torque) of both joints was calculated in all phases of movement (upward, reversal and downward). This study demonstrated that, in all phases of movement of both joints, training resulted in an increase in total torque and interactive torque. These authors concluded that interactive torque could be incorporated into the mechanical solution for a motor action.
Sainburg e Kalakanis showed that in right-handed individuals the shape of the hand trajectory was independent of interactive torque. However the shape of the trajectory of the non-dominant hand was less precise in forecasting the action of interactive torque. These authors characterized this strategy as “coordination between muscle actions with dynamics between the segments and indicating an exact forecast of their interactions”. One implicit explanation for this is that greater practice by the dominant hand in everyday activities made the neural representation of the musculoskeletal system and the dynamics between the segments become more refined, thereby generating more precise and coordinated movements by the dominant limb. Thus, coordination between the muscles and external forces could be developed within the first year of life.
12/09/2008 14:57
De: patricia

Re: Re: Passar um texto de inglês p/ português

ma died a hundred years ago.he was a writer,novelist,short-story writer, was born in rio on june 21,1839 and died on september 29,1908.his works reflect the european cultural traditions and range far beyond the national literary specter.his father was a mulatto paunter.his mother and his younger sister died when he was still a boy.his step-mother raised him.,he sold candy in the neighborhood.he was sick young man.because of his illness,he din't go to regular school.later,ma met a french lady who taught him french.then he learned english andgerman alone and spoke these languages fluently.he got a job at a printing office and began to write in his spare time.soon,he published romantic works and helped rio´s press.
in1863,ma hada wife and a good public job.he got more sick and published his most famous his lifetime,he dind´t care much about brazil´s social issues,such as the independenceor the abolition of slavery.most of his works portrayed the city of rio.he had a pessimistic style of writing,but ironic and savvy,too.he helped found the brazilian letters academy and was its first president till he died.
10/10/2008 13:18
De: lucas

Re: Traduzir do ingles pro portugues

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09/03/2010 19:35
De: Malena

Re: Traduzir esse texto urgente

A Day in the life of a Brazilian student
My name is sarah.My day starts very early.I get up at o'clock in the morning.I have breakfast at half past six.After breakfast, I go to school,but I don't take a bus.I walk to school,because we live near it.I
start school at seven o' clock.I stay there unitl noon.
After school.I go to home and have lunch.After lunch I study and I do my homework at about five o'clock I take shower.At seven o'clock all my family is at home and we have dinner together.We talk about our day.After dinner,we watch TV on listen to good music.I don't go to bed very late.I go to bed befor ten o'clock.
28/06/2008 10:18

Re: Decifrar meu texto agora ´para português

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they’re here to stay
Oh, I believe in yesterday
Suddenly, I’m not half the man I used to be
There’s a shadow hanging over me
Oh, yesterday came suddenly
Why  she had  to  go,   I   don’t know,
She wouldn’t say
I  said something wrong,  now   I long
For yesterday-ay-ay-ay
Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play
Now I need a place to hide away
Oh, I believe in yesterday
Why  she had  to  go,   I   don’t know,
She wouldn’t say
I  said something wrong,  now   I long
For yesterday-ay-ay-ay
Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play
Now I need a place to hide away
Oh, I believe in yesterday
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