Auxiliar a todos que estejam enfrentando dificuldades com tradução/versão de textos inglês/protuguês

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16/01/2008 11:01
De: rene reis

Re: Re: Traduzir de inglês para português

hello Rene: hope all okay with you I just arrived yesterday in the office Singapore, will send your CV today to our prosafe office in Rio but they are not looking right now for people, future yes, as a new FPSO will come in december 2008 in brasil.
all the best and with regards.
Rob de Koning.
construction manager.
prosafe production pte ltd.
1 international business park # 10-01
the synergy, singapore  609917
phone +65   67960402
hp +65  96560019
11/11/2008 20:21
De: lu

Re: Re: Re: Re: Traduzir texto de ingles p portugues

Interactive Torque
Interactive torque around other joints is dependent on movement, i.e. movement in a focal joint. Bernstein proposed that the motor control system incorporated interactive torque in its motor repertoire, instead of opposing this. Schneider et al. trained neurologically normal (NN) subjects in a reversion task involving the shoulder and elbow joints in the sagittal plane. For this task, the subjects had to move from a starting position to a target and immediately return to the starting position. Both in the upward and downward movements, the subjects circled a barrier. The total joint torque (muscle torque plus interactive torque) of both joints was calculated in all phases of movement (upward, reversal and downward). This study demonstrated that, in all phases of movement of both joints, training resulted in an increase in total torque and interactive torque. These authors concluded that interactive torque could be incorporated into the mechanical solution for a motor action.
Sainburg e Kalakanis showed that in right-handed individuals the shape of the hand trajectory was independent of interactive torque. However the shape of the trajectory of the non-dominant hand was less precise in forecasting the action of interactive torque. These authors characterized this strategy as “coordination between muscle actions with dynamics between the segments and indicating an exact forecast of their interactions”. One implicit explanation for this is that greater practice by the dominant hand in everyday activities made the neural representation of the musculoskeletal system and the dynamics between the segments become more refined, thereby generating more precise and coordinated movements by the dominant limb. Thus, coordination between the muscles and external forces could be developed within the first year of life.
23/09/2011 11:52
De: bruno ferreira barboza

Ct do rei Pele

Ct do rei PELE e uma das atraçoes mais visitadas anualmente em Santos[Sao Paulo] fica no endereço Francisco Manol,N 51,PORTAO 1 em Jabaquara.La esta toda trajetoria de sua historia no futebol sua primeira camisa,e seus primeiros trofeus, e lembranças  quando ele jogava.Quem quiser fazer uma visita tem que ligar antes.  
01/04/2009 14:23
De: evanderson juliano dos santos

Re:traduzir o texto inglês para português

my day stars very early.i get up at six o´clock in the morning.i have breakfast at half past six.after breakfast.i go to schol,but i don´t take   a bus.i walk to schol,because we live near it. i star schol at seven o´clock. i stay there until noon.
after schol,i go home and have lunch.after lunch i study and i do my about five o´clock i take a seven o´clock all my family is home and we have dinner together.we talk about our day.
after dinner,we watch tv or listen to good music.i don´t go to bed very late .i go to bed before ten o´clock.
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