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27/08/2008 16:07
De: Erik (

Re: Traduzir texto de ingles p portugues

Most dolphins live in the sea . Theyare very good swimmers and they seem do like people dolphins sometimes swin deside boats . Sometime they seng people who are in danger or help injured dolphins . Some scientist think that dolphins are the most intelligent animals they belierve that dolphins can trink like humans .
12/12/2008 11:02

Re: Re: Re: Traduzir texto de ingles p portugues

 A fewe thousand years ago, there were so many plants and animals in the natural world that hunan influence was not a significant threat to the survival of most species. Today┬┤s reality is much different. We are more than five billion people who are threatening the survival of inumerable species of animals, plants and other living organisms.
If we don┬┤t do anything to protect nature in Brazil now, two hundred animal species and more than one hundred plant species will be in danger of exitincton. Besides, if we keep  being careless about nature, many thousands of species will disappear before even being discovered by Science. Among Brazil threatened species are mahogany, the golden-lion tamarin, and the hyacinth macaw.
 We could help change this situation  by joining nongovernmental organizations, which develop projects to preserve nature.
If you want to help maintain Brazilian fauna and flora alive, or if you just want further information, contact either WWF*-Brazil: or Greenpeace:
07/09/2008 12:32
De: edielle

Re: Re: Tradução ingles p/ portugues

after put on the battery,this remote can control many brands tv.if can't control,please press set key and hold it,about 7 seconds,the red light will on,it enter auto searching,until the tv appears the volume mark,the release the set key,it can control your tv.
22/10/2008 18:51

Re: Traduzir do ingles pro portugues

people this is the reason why I  decid to take up a course thal could provide me a past thal requerid an  English Speaker globalization has freedon us fron many dificulties (difficultties) in exchanging goods between diferent countries mercover in our day and ag assential to haver proficionls who com negative well make profel for their.
12/12/2012 11:39
De: carlos

Re: Re: Escrever um texto em ingles e quero significado em portugês

Dear hans, my name is Larry Miler.
I am 15years old and i am a student at st.Edwards
I have a brother and a sister.My brothers name is  phillip.He is 12 years .I like lim very much.We always play games togethes.My sisters name is linda.She is 8 years.She collects teddy bears.She has nine or ten different teddy bears in her bedroom.She is simply crazy about them!
I like music very much.Do you like it too?My friends and i have a band,the Devils,and i play the drums,but i dont play them very well.
What about you?Can you play an instroment?
I am also fond of sports.Vollyball is my favorite sport.Do you have any hobbies?Please tall me about them.
Well,that is all for now.Please write tome as soom as you can.
    Best wishes,Larry.
11/08/2010 10:11
De: Danieli Cristine Antenor (

Re: Re: Re: traduzir um texto de ingles para o portugues

Who are the Eskimos? Are really primitive? The answer is no.The Eskimos are a very special group of people with a rich culture and a  difficult language.(For example, there are twenty-seven defferent words for snow in the Eskimo language) There are not many Eskimos in the world today: only about 100.000. They are in a vast territory in the cold Arcict regions of Canada,Alaska, and Greenland (the green areas on the map). The name Eskimos is an Indian word meaming "earter of raw mear".The is another name for the Eskimos: Inuir (the people).The Eskimos are very good hunters but they are not violent people.There is not a word for war in the Eskimo language.But there are problems too:many young people are without work and it is not easy for the old Eskimos to adapt to modern life
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