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19/01/2011 21:30
De: Luana da silva dos santos (


por favor isso é urgente traduza para mim o texto "The tree machine"
(adaoted fron science and children,washington,D.C.,national science teachers Association,March 1985.).
02/07/2008 13:30

Re: Re: Traduzir texto de ingles p portugues

Well, I am going to talke something about Beatles, because in my opinion they are ane of the most interesting group that did and still doing siccess until nowadays. when I was younger I listened Bealtles and i liked it, but I didn't make relation about Beatles and other international groups that I like.So mach has been said and written about the  Beatles, and is difficult to summarize their career. they have tens of millions of rock fans. I'start talking with the obvions, they were the greatest and the most influential  band of the rock era, and they introduced more innovations into popular music than any other rock band of the 20th century. their supremacy as rock icons remains ti these days, decades after their breakunp in 197. as singers, both. john lennon started on rock e roll the mid 50s and formed a band the quarrymen, at his high school around mid-1957 the quarrymen were joined by another guitarist, paul mccartney, nearly two years lenno's junior. A bit later they were joined. by another guitarist, george harrison,a friend of McCartney. the Quarrymen changed their name ti the silver beatles in 1960, quickly dropping the silver to become just the beatles hamburg was the beatles baptism by fire. tehy made so much siccess in the world, that the group was forced to expand its repertoire when they returned to liverpool at the of 1960 the band-were suddenly the most exciting act on the local circuit. they consolidated their following in 1961. in mid 1961 the beatles made their first recording is germany. After the beatles music was never more the same . the beatles had become the most popular and influential musical group of all the times. As composers, lennon and McCartney are considered the best ones of the century 20 and they are among the geatest afo the history after 30 years being separate, the beatles continue conquering fans and fascinating the whole world and it can be proven by the millions of cds that are still selling every year. the beatles and the war in vietnam had a huge impact on fashion. boys began wearing longer hair and other things changed on teenagers for example behaviors and was of dressing. well if you would like know more abouyt beatles you can internet there are all yaou want to know about them there are a lot of sites in english if you want to improve your english but if you are interested in learning about beatles there are sites in portuguese.      
17/03/2011 13:42
De: gyzelle


A Day in the life of a Brazilian student
My name is sarah.My day starts very early.I get up at o'clock in the morning.I have breakfast at half past six.After breakfast, I go to school,but I don't take a bus.I walk to school,because we live near it.I start school at seven o' clock.I stay there unitl noon.
After school.I go to home and have lunch.After lunch I study and I do my homework at about five o'clock I take shower.At seven o'clock all my family is at home and we have dinner together.We talk about our day.After dinner,we watch TV on listen to good music.I don't go to bed very late.I go to bed befor ten o'clock.
08/08/2011 19:12
De: stefany

Re: Re: Traduzir texto de ingles p portugues

o pai de vôo
Alberto Santos Dumont, o filho caçula de um milionário brasileiro passou a infância em uma fazenda de café isoladas em Minas Gerais devorando os romances de Júlio Verne ande sonhando de "conquistar os céus". depois que ele tinha 18 anos, Santos Dumont viveu em Paris, onde fez seu nome. No começo, ele voou de balões e dirigíveis dirigível-ganhar um prêmio em 1901 para circundar a Torre Eiffel. mas isso foi apenas o começo.
19/04/2010 20:01

Re: Re: Re: Traduzir texto de ingles p portugues

The tree is a beautiful machine that works for the benefit of humanity,animals,and plants.Most forms of life on Earth need oxygen.We do not get oxigen from industrial machines.We gwt it from tre tree machine.Trees make the oxygen that we need to take from the air.Industrial machines pollute the air.Trees do not pollute it.On the contrary,they clean it.The industrial machine makes a lot of noise.The tree machine does not to make any noise.
The tree machine does not need coal,oil,gas or electricity to work.Its fuel comes from water,sunlight,and carbon dioxide.
25/08/2014 05:01

Passar um texto de inglês p/ português

oa s
pecial celebration in my country:dia de los reyes
when:5 january
who:children and their families
what:thre is a parade with the three kings on horseback the children talk to the three kings and ask presents the morning the children open their presents at home
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