Auxiliar a todos que estejam enfrentando dificuldades com tradução/versão de textos inglês/protuguês

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18/03/2011 16:22
De: Relison

Re: Re: Traduzir texto de ingles p portugues

Nice to meet you!
good morning! my name is Andrew
good afternoom!my name is ricky
good evening, dad! hi, dear!
goos night, mom
good nigh, darling
Hi, peter! how are you?
I'mfine, thanks, and you?
Hello! I'm carol and this is my sister cathy
Nice to meet you
Mrs.packer , this is
jhon Smith
How do you do , mrs parcker?
How do you do mr. Smith
22/06/2013 17:04

Re: Tradusi um texto de ingles para portugues

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