Auxiliar a todos que estejam enfrentando dificuldades com tradução/versão de textos inglês/protuguês

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07/03/2009 10:33
De: sergio (

Re: Re: Re: quero traduzir essa musica em portugues

There is no greater love
Than what I feel for you
No sweeter song, no heart so true
There is no greater thrill
Than what you bring to me
No sweeter song
Than what you sing, sing to me
You're the sweetest thing
I have ever known
And to think that you are mine alone
There is no greater love
In all the world, it's true
No greater love
Than what I feel for you

16/11/2008 01:39
De: erivania

Re: Re: Traduzir texto de ingles p portugues

brian mc devon 38 zookeenper at the new ark municiapl zoo made a stunning discovery last sartuday a snack and a hamster can be friends. the zookeerper was cleaning the snacke pits when he saw a peculiar some . endora the pet name of an african pyton, lying side by ride with its dinner a livin hamter mc devon reported what he had seen to edwin ferriz one off the vets in the zoo staff. three day have passed and endora is firendship with the hamster now called tiny is still strong explain ferry. tiny seens to be enyoing his life with the snake and has been climbing onto endora to take a map what are the chances of a life long relationship betwen predator and piey not long probaly. one day the make is instincts will make the call and endora will probaly devour her ferry little friend.
21/08/2008 20:10
De: fabiola da silva cruiz (

Re: Re: Re: Quero a traduçao deste texto abaixo para o portugues por favor atendam meu pedido ficarei agradecida!!

linda chang is vietnmene girl but now she lives with her family in seattle, in the united states.
linda´s parents are very strict about her social life she is not allowed to go out with guys lt is not that her parents don`trust her she says. they just don`t trust the world.
linda`s average day starts early. she drops her sister off school at 7:45 and then drives two friends to seattle central, where she takes chemistry and political science courses. when her school day finishes at noon, she goes back home.
linda says it`s not the vietnamese way to talk much about family issues. dinner table conversation is about food, not interpersonal relationships    she respects her family a lot her friends think it`s weird that if she wants to go out, she needs to ask her grndpa and aunts and uncles and parents for approval, adding that they seldom give it. though she complains about these restriction she is aware of her position in the family: a model for her cousins and sisters.
23/11/2010 14:49

Re: Re: Nothing Serious traduzido em portugues

Nothing  Serious
A boy was sick and the doctor hard come to examine him. After a short time, the came out of the boy’s room and asked someone to get hum a screwdriver. The boy’s feather did this, and the doctor went back to the sick boy’s room.
A few minutes later, the doctor come out again and asked the father had bought the hammer and given it to him, the doctor returned to the boy’s room.
A few minutes later. He came out again and asked for the boy’s father to resist.
My God! Said the father, “Chat’s “
The matter with my poor sun ?
“I have no idea, cinsu wered the doctor,
“I simply can’t open my new mede cine bag”.    
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