Auxiliar a todos que estejam enfrentando dificuldades com tradução/versão de textos inglês/protuguês

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28/08/2012 17:17
De: Brenda

Re: Passar palavras do singular para o plural

a) This exercise is easy
b)This room is too    small for our class
c) That pen on the floor is Jphn's
d) This pack of cigarettes   belongs to william
e) That book is out of date
f) This message is for you
g)This   car belangs to   my father
h)This clair is very comfortable.
15/04/2014 22:05
De: felipe bertoldi

Re: Escrever um texto em ingles e quero significado em portugês

easter is the tome for holidays festinals and a time  for girina chocolate easter eggs.  but easter meanrs much more...easter is the ololeste and the most importante bristiam festival the celebratiam of the  deaty and coming to fife agaim  of jesus ghrist for ghristiams, the dautm of Easter sunday  whit its message of the ghristiamyear.
06/07/2012 14:18
De: daniel de oliveira

Re: Re: Re: Traduzir mensagem

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09/11/2011 21:27
De: Amanda Thaise

Re: Re: Passar um texto de inglês p/ português

                              the color of health
nature is full or color the rain bous, the rosse the bulterfties wings,even freut and vegetable have
distinctioe colors: intensely blue blueberries deeply red strauberries, richely green, brococole vividly orange cavots,etc
plants and animals ofteneese color to attralt  attention, intense and rich colors provide important
benefits for plants, and according to scientists, the substances responsible for the there colors realy help protecto plants from chemical abmoge when we see plants, we see a lot of different colors in particular we see lots of green, yelllow and reds.the good news is that when we eat oloequl fruits and vegetables, the pigments in the colors proteot us.
the pagments responsible. for plant: colors belong to a claos of. chemicals knom as AS
ANTIOXIDANTS. plants make antioxidants to prolesct themselves from the ultraviolet. (UV) light.of the sun.
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