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26/10/2010 15:29

Re: Traducao do texto

ON THE 31st OF October many people in England, in the United States and even here in Brazil prepare to celebrate Halloween?
What is Halloween?
Halloween has a pagan origin , dating back to Romans' and Celts' times.The Celts worshipped the god of Death, Samhaim, and the Romans worshipped Pomona,the goddess of the Gardens and Orchard - that's why Halloween colours are black and orange.
Many years later, in England, groups of farmers used to go from house to ask for food on that day. It was meant to bring good luck to the donators.
24/08/2008 14:13
De: anatacha

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19/04/2021 13:54
De: Elias

Traduzir um texto de ingles para o portugues

Who are the Eskimos? Are they really primitive? The
answer is no. The Eskimos are a especial group of
people with a rich culture and a difficult language.
For example, there are twenty-seven diffrent words
for snow in the Eskimo language!
There are not many Eskimo in the world today: only
aboult 100.000. They are in a vast territory in the
cold artic regions of canada, Alaska, and Greenland.
The name Eskimo is an Indian word mearning “eater
of raw meat“. There is another name for the Eskimos:
“inuit“ ( the people). The Eskimos are very good
hunters but they are not violent people. But there are
problems too: many young people are without work
and it is not easy for the old Eskimos to adapt to
modern life.
19/06/2021 10:56
De: Eduardo Gabriel Xavier de Lima

Tradução por texto

My name is Aparecida, but my friends call me "Cidinha". I´m 11 and I´m in the 6th grade. I
study at  "E.E. Prof. Armando Gusmão." It is a big school and I am a very happy here. There are 35 students in my class. The school has a library, a canteen and a sports gym. The classrom are OK, there are new desks and a big blackboard. My English teacher, Maria Luiza, is a good teacher and I love English.
12/06/2021 13:49

Traduzir o texto em português

Hi Adriana Aparecida dos Santos Fungaro!
It’s Jennifer, Customer Education Manager at Miro.
I’m so happy that you signed up for Miro, and I want to make sure you’ve got everything you need to make the most out of your experience.
Please join me for the upcoming “Getting started with Miro” live product training on June 17th, 2021, where I’ll share tips and tricks for collaborating well and boosting your team’s productivity.
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