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06/11/2013 23:11
De: priscila

também não acreditava que ia dar certo

Leia sozinha, porque no passado eu também não acreditava que ia dar certo, mas… funciona mesmo!
Entrei neste site e fiz

Wrestling And Wrestlers
01 Preface.
02 Wrestling In France
03 Local Works On The Subject.
04 Introduction. Ancient Grecian Wrestling.
05 The Games Were Held In Summer When The Heat Was Excessive
06 Immediately Before The Commencement Of The Different Exercises
08 And Of The Countries Constituting The Ancient Kingdom Of Assyria
10 A Programme Is Annually Issued
12 The Fiercely Contested Struggle Becomes Intensely Exciting
14 We Can Hardly Accord It The Term As Understood Amongst Us
16 The Wrestlers Are Lithe Active Young Fellows
18 They Began By Standing Two Or Three Yards Apart
20 For a Time The Struggles Of Both Men Were Intense
22 I Passed Through a Fine Town Called Barakli-djumaa
24 You Shall See What a Gipsy Can Do
26 Old English Wrestling.
28 The Inhabitants Of Cornwall And Devonshire
30 Strutt S Sports And Pastimes
32 This Day There Was a Hurling Of a Great Ball
34 Given At a Meeting In The Present Day
36 And As Emphatic As Any Ever Uttered On The Swifts At Carlisle
38 I Advise You To Be No Smatterer
40 As Appears By My Friend Richard Allen Of Hucknall
42 Full-breasted And Broad Shoulder D
44 The Two Gamesters That Wrestle Together
46 If Any Differences Shall Happen Concerning The Wrestling
48 There Was Scarcely a Sinewy And Dangerous Problem In His Treatise
50 Sir Thomas After a Due Course Of Little-to-do And Bushby
52 Retrospective Review
54 The Inscription Further Depicts Him As An Estimable Landlord
56 Wrestling In Scotland.
58 The Earl Of Traquair Was Patron Of The Club
60 And Among Other Prizes Competed For
62 He Was Excluded From Contending Again In The Same Arena
64 When Excited Or Ruffled In Temper
66 After Scougal S Three Years Had Elapsed
68 The Following Notice Of The Wrestling At Saint Ronan S
70 Did Best Stand Second In The Carlisle Ring
72 Irish Wrestling.
74 Enquiries Were Made In Many And Various Ways
76 Occupies a Prominent Position In Our Review Of Northern Pastimes
78 Upwards Of a Century And a Half After
80 It Appears That Kentmere Hall In Kentmerea Secluded Pastoral Dale
82 In The Days Of Brave Queen Bess
84 There Came Out a Herculean Wrestler
86 Many Other Small Prizes Were Given
88 Thomas Harrison Had a Brother Named Launcelot
90 Seems a Strange Situation For Holding Wrestlings
92 Wrestling On High Street Seems Strange
94 And Noteworthy Old Custom At Which
96 Bidden Weddings.
98 Southwaite 1st May 1809
100 For Weeks Before The Great Carlisle Annual Contest
102 Melmerby Rounds.
104 Where The Land Rests Principally On a Limestone Bottom
106 Melmerby Annual Sports Will Take Place On Monday
108 As We Have Been Able To Collect
110 This Wrestler Afterwards Removed To The West Cumberland
112 And Received a Guinea And The Belt Each Time
114 Langwathby Rounds.
116 However Much The Paucity Of General Incidents May
118 When a Curious Scene Took Place During The Wrestling
120 And By The Time These Pastimes Were Concluded
122 From a Variety Of Out-of-the-way And Other Sources
124 1818 Thomas Richardson Hesket-new-market Known
126 About 1833 Richard Chapman Patterdale
128 1849 William Buck Temple Sowerby
130 1864 First Day John
132 James Fawcett Of Nenthead.
134 A Mining Village In East Cumberland
136 From The Districts Round Weardale
138 Similar In Some Respects To The One With Peart
140 "belted Will."
142 Five Feet Nine-and-a-half Inches
144 Will Scored His First Prize When Only Eighteen Years Old
146 While The Century Was Still Young
148 Had Existed Between William Litt And Richardson
150 Looking From a Window Of The Hotel
152 The Subscription Belt Was Won By William Richardson Of Caldbeck
154 The Caldbeck Favourite Threw William Waters
156 From The Exceeding Clever Manner In Which He Swung His Opponents
158 The Wrestling At Faulds Brow Alwaysvery Injudiciously
160 During The Last Forty Years Of Richardson S Life

162 Has Done His Best To Embalm Richardson S Memory In Verse
164 The Various And Noteworthy Achievements
166 We Are Familiar With The Best And Most Renowned Men
168 And If Adam Dodd Was Justly Styled Cock Of The North
170 Mr Litt Is a Person In a Very Respectable Rank Of Life
172 When Litt And Harry Appeared In The Ring
174 We Have Now To Notice a Series Of Consecutive Successes
176 Disappointed In This Expectation
178 Addenda.
180 William Litt
182 Wrestling In The Immediate Vicinity Of Lake Windermere
184 Well To do Farmersand Young Green
186 Litt Is Astray With Some Particulars Of John Barrow S Tragic Fate
188 Recording The Fate Of a Great Wrestler And a Good Man
190 Miles Dixon S Full Stature Was Six Feet Three Inches
192 During One Of The Militia Meetings At Kendal
194 Which Divides Cumberland And Westmorland
196 The Uniform Integrity Of His Conduct
198 He Won The Head Prize At The Ferry Inn Wrestling
200 Besides Prizes Incidentally Mentioned In This Narrative
202 Muncaster Bridge Was An Advantageous Affair For The Dixons
204 After John Barrow And The Dixons
206 Rowland And John Long Of Ambleside.
208 From a Well Known Deficiency In Points Of Science And Activity
210 At One Of The Village Gatherings
212 We Obtain Passing Glimpses Of Roan Entering Various Rings
214 If Roan Long Was Deficient In Science And Activity
216 So Brant That Horses Were Practically Useless
218 Roan S Death Took Place At Ambleside
220 John Long Was Second To William Mackereth
222 In The Folk-speech Volume Of Dialect Stories And Rhymes
224 A Fight Or a Fray Seemed Always Welcome
226 And Died At Keswick In February
228 In Order To Get His Day S Work Finished By Noon
230 Being Overcome By Fatigue And Want Of Rest
232 Nicholson Used To Brag That At This Ambleside Gathering
234 We Find Tom At The Ambleside Meeting For The Third And Last Time
236 Before Taking Leave Of Nicholson S Windermere Exploits
238 Was Due Principally To The Endeavours Of Mr Henry Pearson
240 First Round.
242 Third Round.
244 Fifth Round.
246 Again Figured At Carlisle In 1811
248 And Rest Upon The Laurels He Had Gained
250 Some Years After Tom Had Given Up Contending For Prizes
252 Two Irishmen Who Were Paring Turf In Skiddaw Forest
254 As Some Palliation For The Part Which Our Hero Took In The Combat
256 The Stream Was Found To Be Literally Swarming With Fish
258 William Mackereth Of Cockermouth.
260 Harry Graham Of Brigham.
262 Harry Attended The Annual Meeting At Carlisle
264 Harry Lost The First And Second
266 James Scott Of Canonbie.
268 James Scott Stood About Five Feet Nine Inches High
270 He Did Good Service In The Carlisle Ring
272 Who Was Then In His Twenty-fourth Year
274 Everybody Seemed Astonished When L
276 He Was Specially Fond Of Rural And Field Sports
278 As An Additional Illustration Of His Nimbleness Of Foot
280 And We Must Take Leave Of Jamie
282 Rowantree Was Born In The Vale Of Kingwater
284 Litt Speaks Of Him As Attached To Loose Holds
286 Rowantree Afterwards Attended Some Sports At Stanners Burn
288 We Next Come To Record Worse Luck
290 John Richardson Of Staffield Hall
292 The Great Prize Of Twenty Guineas Was Wrestled For On The Swifts
294 It Is Somewhat Singular That Rowantree
296 Rowantree Was Tempted To Enter The Service Of The Earl Of Carlisle
298 Presents a Very Apt Picture Of Robert Rowantree
300 At One Time The District Was Fruitful In Producing Good Wrestlers
302 Dickinson S Career Proved To Be Exceedingly Brief
304 He Attained The Highest Wrestling Distinction
306 We Gladly Resume Our Account Of The Wrestling
308 And Eight Bright Guineaswas Then Handed To Dickinson
310 George Dennison Of Penrith.
312 Dennison Practised Bone-setting For a Life-time
314 He Figured More As An Amateur In The Ring Than As a Professional
316 But The Following Year His Achievements Were Very Creditable
318 He Resolved To Fight Hard And Perseveringly For The Second Prize
320 And Both Of Them Indebted To Dennison For Being Able To Appear
322 The Two Veterans Chatted Over Old Times
324 One Of The Earl Of Lonsdale S Gamekeepers
326 To Be Wrestled For At The Carlisle Races
328 The Weather During The Races Proved Exceedingly Favourable

330 Robinson Entered The Ring In Excellent Spirits
332 Robinson Again Attended The Carlisle Meeting
334 Robinson Has Been Described By Those Who Knew Him
336 James Robinson Was Found Drowned In Armathwaite Bay
338 Richardson Developed Into a Fine Manly-looking Man
340 John Richardson Served His Apprenticeship In Kendal
342 The Following Year1814he Again Attended The Carlisle Wrestling
344 Richardson Was Called Out Against John Earl Of Cumwhitton
346 Was a Rare Upholder Of Wrestling
348 There Was No Wrestling At Carlisle
350 In Answer To a Paragraph Which Appeared In The Cumberland Pacquet
352 On One Of The Days After The Races At Keswick
354 Sitting Among The Crowd That Lined The Carlisle Ring One Year
356 Tom Todd Of Knarsdale.
358 Todd Figured In The Carlisle Ring
360 Where He Played a Conspicuous Part
362 About Two Years After The Dishonourable Act Narrated
364 For The Principal Prize At Carlisle
366 This Artful Trick Has Been Often Practised Since
368 Then In His Eighty-fourth Year
370 These Were All Natives Of The Soil
372 Robert Casson And Brian Christopherson Of Oxenpark
374 William Wilson Grew Up a Tall Lathy Fellow
376 Being At That Time About Twenty-two Years Old
378 Wilson Carried Off The Head Prize For Wrestling
380 The Cheering Which Followed The Giant S Downfall Was Tremendous
382 This Fall Is Still Talked Of At The
384 He Laboured Under An Asthmatic Complaint
386 So Far As We Have Been Able To Ascertain
388 While He Was An Innkeeper At Patterdale
390 Being Endowed With Tremendous Bodily Strength On One Hand
392 In Passing Through a Toll-gate
394 Weightman Was a Remarkably Light And Graceful Dancer
396 During Weightman S Whole Wrestling Career
398 Ford And Weightman Were Drawn Together Again
400 Sympathizing With The Elder Man
402 Immediately After The Unsatisfactory Termination Of This Match
404 On The Monday Of One Of The Weeks In July
406 Was The Means Of Arousing The Lion In Him
408 And Is Supposed To Be From The Pen Of William Litt
410 John Little
412 The Annual Wrestling Meeting On The Swifts At Carlisle
414 Attracted Thousands Upon Thousands Of Country People
416 Who Excelled Principally As a Hyper
418 The Winner At Carlisle In 1822
420 An Acquaintance One Day Asked Mc
422 His Uncle Sold a Cow To a Butcher In Carlisle
424 His Company Was a Good Deal Sought After By Torny Armstrong
426 John Mc.laughlan Of Dovenby.
428 Clattan Was Born About The Year 1791
430 After His Temporary Success At Carlisle
432 He Carried Off The Head Prize At Workington Races
434 We Believe He Was Engaged Driving Cattle At The Time
436 Only Two Men Were Now Left Standing
438 A Correspondent Of The Cumberland Pacquet
440 Clattan Figured Again In The Liverpool Ring In 1840
442 Who Twice Contested The Championship With Tom Cribb
444 Leaving Whitehaven About 1838 Or 1839
446 Amongst The Lower Order Of Our Crowded Towns And Rural Districts
448 And To a Record Of Them In The Good Old Times
450 The Following Well Authenticated Anecdote
452 The Old Bull Ring Stood In The Market Place
454 Held In Front Of The Carlisle Town Hall
456 After Prevailing At Carlisle For Four Or Five Centuries
458 The Unfortunate Beast Was Bound To The Stake On The Sands
460 By An Irishman Running Fussing About
462 Who Began Life In Carlisle As a Bookbinder
464 And For Thirty Or Forty Years Into The Present One
466 The Kendal Bull Ring Was Fixed On a Green At The High Beast Banks
468 Through a Lengthened Period Of Time
470 Badgers And Badger Baiting.
472 In Reminiscences Of West Cumberland
474 The Foxes Returned To Their Old Retreat
476 Make It Very Difficult To Study Their Actions And Mode Of Life
478 They May Be Come Upon Sometimes
480 The Mode Of Baiting Was Generally Pursued As Follows
482 One Of The Right Sort Rushed Immediately Into Close Quarters
484 Let The Following Example Be Taken
486 In Addition To The Haunts Of The Badger Incidentally Mentioned
17/07/2008 01:09
De: Sabrina D



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27/05/2012 14:44

Re: Oi Gente!! Eu não me canso se postar mensagens aqui recomendando o software do pc-tv da aliencode!O AMOR


27/04/2009 10:48
De: Ida

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quero saber se este software tambem funciona no exterior ?
e como posso conceguir?

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07/05/2009 21:23
De: edson

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