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13/04/2009 10:09
De: crislaine rafaele

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A flat tyre

A man was mending a street lamp when saw a pretty young woman and three children get into a car which was in the garden of a house   near him. He saw that the car had flat tyre and tried to warm the woman, but it was too late – she was already driving the of the garden and into the busy street.
When she got there, she stopped the car at the side of the street, got out and looked at the flat tyre. The children stayed in the car. Very soon another car stooped and the driver offered to help her. The young woman accepted his offer, and the man changed the tyre for her.
When she had thanked him and he had gone, she drove the car back into the garden, got out with the children and went back to her work in the house with clean hands.
05/12/2014 13:57
De: danyelly

Passar frases em ingles do singular para o plural

1 teris body is my friend.
2 tere boy is the class.
3 there is a pot  ato in tere cupborenmd.
4 tere girl is in there school.
5 there is a atomato in the refrigerator.
6 the new watcer is in there boso.
7 i am vesiting important citx wile my chiedem.
8 take there key.
9 she likes to see his photo.
10 i am visiting 2 wanderfol. beacer.
06/03/2012 11:41
De: ivone (

Re: Re: Re: Re: Traduzir texto de ingles p portugues

tradução do texto em portugues The tree is a beautiful machine that works for the benefit of humanity, animals, and plants. Most forms of life on Earth need oxygen. We do not get oxygen
from industrial machines. We get it from the tree machine. Trees make the oxygen that we need to take from the air. Industrial machines pollute the air. Trees do not pollute it. On the contrary, they clean it. The industrial machine makes a lot of noise. The tree machine does not make any noise. On the contrary, it filters noise.
The tree machine does not need coal, oil, gas or electricity to work. Its fuel comes from water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide.
When a tree dies, it helps new plants. The combination of water, insects, and microorganisms in the soil causes the decomposition of the tree. When a tree dies, it gives nutrients to the soil for other trees to use as fuel. So, the tree does not die, really. It recycles its substances for the benefit of all animal and plant life.
Please remember: the tree is your friend. Do not destroy it.
12/01/2009 01:42
De: thiago caja

Re: Palavras em inglês para passar para o português

Mais que um testamento
Lista de bens não faço
Te deixo amor, carinho
E um lindo passo-a-passo
Pegue rosas vermelhas
Duas numa só mão
Beije uma com carinho
Sinta minha emoção
Essa que tu beijastes
Leve contigo ao mar
Coloque ela na água
Bem no nosso lugar
Ela bem de mansinho
Vai desaparecer
Me sentirei beijada
Beijada por você
Agora a outra pegue
Num livro vá guardar
Essa rosa com o tempo
Vai morrer, vai secar
Esta será a lembrança
De quem te amou de verdade
E que levou esse amor
Junto pra eternidade
10/02/2009 22:39

Re: Re: Re: Re: Traduzir texto de ingles p portugues

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22/03/2009 18:38
De: gorete

Traduzir o texto

In 1620, this group of people sailed from England to Nort American.Their religion was very important for them, and they wanted to be free to live in their own way.They took the English Bible with them.They spoke English:17th century English.This was the language os Shakespeare, and many of the words, and the pronunciation, were different from modern English.The eastern part of the continent became an English colony.The language here was English, but it began to change.The immigrants needeal new words for the plants and animals there.They often used native American words for these.American English was becoming different from the English in England.
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