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14/04/2011 15:24

Re: Volunteering: How to be a good volunteer

Volunteering is fun and rewarding, but it's also a little more complicated than just showing up and having a good tima. Here's some advice on how to make the most of your volunteer work:
Be selfless. Selfles is the opposite of selfish. Don't think about what you can do to help yourself. Think about what you can do to help others.
( ) Know what you're doing as a volinteer. If you need some time to learn your job, take that time. If you need training or need sineone to show you what you're supposed to do, speak up. If you're good ar your job, ir will be much easir to help others (plus you'll have a lot more fun).
Be dependable. Do what you say you'll do, and do your best. Don't show up late, ad always keep your promises. People will be relying on you so you don't want to let them down.
Be enthusiastic. Don't moan and groan your way through your volunteer work. If you really don't like what you're doing, find somenthing else. Always have a positive attitude and show athers that you're doing this because you WANT to.
( ) One of the really great things about being a volunteer is the chance to learn and experience nem things. Keep your mind open to new possibilities, and you'll proably grow as a person.
( ) Always remember to show respect for other people and other cultures.
Keep in mind that your way of thinking or living is not the only way there is.
11/06/2008 08:34
De: sergio murilo

Re: Traduzir texto de ingles p portugues

The lived in peace
North american indians lived in the ´New World´ a long time before europeans arrived there. Many centuries before Columbs, Indians hunted before Columbus, Indians hunted, fished and planted corin America. They fished for salmon in the rivers of canada and they farmed the land in arizona. Before the withe men arrived, the indians lived in peace. They ared the masters of the north american continent.
11/12/2012 08:33

Re: Traducao do texto

ON THE 31st OF October many people in England, in the United States and even here in Brazil prepare to celebrate Halloween?
What is Halloween?
Halloween has a pagan origin , dating back to Romans' and Celts' times.The Celts worshipped the god of Death, Samhaim, and the Romans worshipped Pomona,the goddess of the Gardens and Orchard - that's why Halloween colours are black and orange.
Many years later, in England, groups of farmers used to go from house to ask for food on that day. It was meant to bring good luck to the donators.
06/11/2008 00:34

Re: Re: Traduzir do ingles pro portugues

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16/08/2010 21:58
De: deivid

Como passar um texto ingês para portuguêas

How to unlock: To access the hidden dungeon and a last boss otherwise inaccessible during your 1st playthrough, you must win the standard game once through. This will grant you access to the start of the fourteenth chapter in the state you were in, items and all, when you win the game. You can then access the hidden dungeon and the real final boss.
Infinite Energy
How to: After you win the game, a new location will be unlocked on your map. Head to this location, and enter. In the 1st room, head straight to the stairs. The stairs are littered with cannons and monster generators. When destroyed, they will give 15,000-19,000 energy per kill. Go up the stairs into the next area, and then back down. This will make the enemies respawn. You can repeat this process for as much energy as you'd like.
Avalon's Body Parts
Description: There's a secret character in the game named Avalon. Avalon has 8 distinct parts that must be collected and assembled in order for the character to be unlocked. The list below has all 8 parts, and their general location.
Arm (left) The Altar of Darkness (North)
Arm (right) Goran-Goran Cave (Floor 1)
Foot (left) Mt. Fyrgarum (Base)
Foot (right) Old Noswald Castle (Yard)
Leg (left) Gundestor Cavern (South)
Leg (right) Gradium Mine (Cabin)
Sword Lakton Village (Blacksmith)
Torso Ancient Ruins Temple (South)
Avalons Left Foot
Found in the North on the map Mt. Fyrgarum, Base.
Avalons Torso
Found in the Southeast in the Ancient Runed Temple.
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