Forum criado para deixar os sem noção colocar o que quiserem aqui fmz?? É nóis no Abraça seco!!!!

05/07/2006 21:11
De: Ramon

Senha Bella da semana

Tenho senha terra, uol, e registro do Brasfoot 2006 funcionando, e gostaria de trocar por uma senha do Bella da Semana (Brturbo), quem se interessar na troca en vie e-mail para: ou me add no msn:, Até...
02/05/2010 23:46
De: breno (


gostaria mt de receber po email a senha e o email do famosos nus e da g magazinie, juro que ñ vo zuar.................................................. agradeceria mt, vlw!!!
08/07/2005 07:44


Dear Beloved

I presume this letter will come to you as a suprise,but as things unfold, we will know each other better and how I got your contact.I will start by introducing myself to you, I am Mrs Stella Obaseki.,the wife of Chief Jackson Gaius Obaseki, the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).I am very sure that you will be of a good assistance after carefully reading my letter. For many years of marriage now between me and my husband,I have not given birth,and this has really troubled my husband.This is as a result of so much respect attached to local Tradition Culture and Custom in there community, so my husband has decided to break the marriage. In short to be sincere and honest with you,with the present situation of things now,my matrimonial home look broken.I am being treaten daily by my susposed legitmate husband to get me out from the home.My husband parents and brothers are not left out in this matter.This situation has really affected me psychologically,most of the time I am in the church to pray and rest myself,because there is no room for rest in my own home again.As I am writing to you now,I am no longer assured of a matrmonial home, hence I
seek your urgent assistance and help me out,which I know will go a long way in geting me settled down finally.I want to use this opportunity,since my husband has abandoned me because of childlessness,to move the $12 million us dollars into your custody for safe keeping,pending my arrival in your country.Be informed that this said amount was given to my husband as gratification from some foreign oil companies he helpede in securing Allocation for the Drilling of Crude Oil in Nigeria.As a civil servant he does not want to be esposed,so he gave me this money to keep in my personal account,this was when the going was okay between us,so that he can exonerate himself from the eyes of Government security operatives and the civil service commission(CSC)which is the body that scrutinizes the activities of all civil servants in Nigeria as checks and balances for official misconduct.To be sincere and honest with you,this money is never connected with drugs,money laundry,firearms and looting,which I beleive might put fears in you and consequently withdrawing your help for security reasons.Hence the source of this said money is clean and clear.This money was deposited in my personal Domicillary Account and I have discussed with the bank manager who is very close to me,my intention to transfer the money out of Nigeria and he promise to render to me all the assistance I needed  to transfer the money out of Nigeria.All I need now is for you to send me your bank account or Provide a new account for it and other informations,to enable my bank apply for foreign exchange at the Federal Ministry of Finance with your name as the beneficiary of the fund.This is how my bank has planned it,to avoid any suspicion from our apex bank.
Be rest assured that this transaction is 100% risk free and my husband will not raise any alarm,because he will not like to put himself and his position in NNPC in jeopardy,and if he does,he stands to loose his job. As soon as I receive your response and your willingness to help as regards to this,I will furnish you on the next line of action to take  immediately.Note,as soon as the money is successfully transfered into your account,I will start coming to meet you in your country.I promise to compensate you very well at the successful end,this is the guranttee I am giving you from my heart of heart.Be informed according to my bank manager,this transaction will not last more than 7 working bank days and it will be concluded because every necessary/vital arrangements has been put in place,take note. Your negative or positive response will be highly appreciated by me.
Thanks and Godbless your family.

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs Stella Obaseki.
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